Brake Repair Know-How: Parking Brake vs Emergency Brake

Maintenance and repair to your emergency and parking brake is necessary for your safety and vehicle health. Each system within a vehicle is important but the brakes are considered top of the list. The name for a specific brake, like any vehicle part, is determined by the manufacturer. All brakes are important and should be maintained up to the vehicles’ specifications.

Types of Brakes

  • Parking Brake: A brake that is controlled electronically or that is within a vehicle that houses a manual transmission. This is because it is used to keep a car in place any time it is parked. Manual vehicles remain in neutral unless they are left in gear when parked, so the parking brake is needed to keep them in place. Automatic cars benefit from the use of a parking brake as well. This brake protects the parking pawl in the transmission that holds the car in place when the transmission is in Park.
  • Emergency Brake: This term, though popular, is a bit misleading. The auxiliary brake may be used in an emergency, it still makes the most sense for parking. In an effort to not confuse customers who already put the car in park when they park their car, we typically call this an “emergency brake” instead.
  • Hand Brake: If you drive a performance or race vehicle, this part is called a handbrake, mainly because the brake locks up the rear wheels. This allows the driver to slide their car around corners with fairly accurate precision. For the record, this is not a safe practice and should not be attempted on public roads. 

Professional Brake Repair

Squeaky, grinding or whistling brakes should be inspected immediately. It goes without saying that safety comes first or any vehicle, big or small. Drivers can easily check their maintenance requirements in their user manual. Each car manufacturer has different milestones when it comes to brake repair and inspection.

Our mechanics specialize in brakes and can change your brake pads, brake fluid or do a full overhaul if needed. Remember, regardless of your vehicle, brake maintenance should be a top priority. You’ll want to have your brakes checked early and often. This will help you to avoid more costly repairs or worse, brake replacement, down the road. Our team of brake experts will provide you with quality, prompt auto repair service. Even if you just suspect something doesn’t feel right, we are happy to have a look under the hood!